We help large Life Insurance Agencies scale predictably through Pay-per-Lead marketing.

Forget about complicated and expensive retainer contracts


What We Do

Engineered Cash is a digital marketing agency that specializes in generating highly qualified life insurance leads on a Pay-Per-Lead basis.

Gone are the days where you have to lock in to long term, complicated contracts and invest tens of thousands of dollars, only to be disappointed by the result.

 We sell leads your team will love

By “engineering” a system that will pre-screen tire-kickers and filter them based on intention we can deliver customers that truly want to be helped.

Our relationship is simple and based on results

You don’t want to sign a huge retainer contract to set up and manage your campaigns, and honestly we got tired of asking new clients to do that. So we removed your risk and switched to a results based model. You simply ask us how many customers you want, and we deliver them. Simple, Easy, and Stress Free.


Limitless Lead Gen

Our system allows us to generate warm leads at scale and deliver them instantly. You just need to tell us how many you can handle.

Social Marketing

We are dedicated to putting your offer in front of the people who want to talk to you as soon as possible.

Funnel Builders

We “engineer” and build high converting landing pages free of charge when you buy from us.

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