“The Fix” is in

The 2020 US presidential election is not yet decided. Razor thin margins, growing concerns of election fraud in some counties, and ballot recounts scheduled in up to 5 states, means we’re weeks away from a definitive outcome.

Uncertainty is swirling through the air like a bad virus… Ok too soon maybe.

The electric tension surrounding the new administration has people antsy for the future. What policies will be implemented to combat the growing financial problems created by the ongoing pandemic?

The truth is, when it comes to financial policy, this election doesn’t matter.

The fix is in.

Whoever the administration is will basically do the same thing…
Sure they may have a different branding but the implementation is a foregone conclusion. They don’t have another option…

Fire up the printing presses… again… get ready for unlimited money printing.


Because every major country in the world is doing the exact same thing. Everyone is printing their way out of (or in to) big troubles.

The problem is the average citizen is being forced to take debt from a mafia loan shark who can change the rules, or collect at any time.

And they ALWAYS collect.

We’re just sitting ducks waiting for the government to decide it’s time to show up with baseball bats and start kneecapping.

All the traditional safe bets are off, because when it comes time to collect, the taxes are coming. The traditional financial advice of “use a 401k/IRA because you can defer taxes and your future taxes will be lower” goes out the window.

Who really thinks that anyways? Is your financial advisor or tax accountant going to sign a contract saying they will personally guarantee your lower taxes at retirement? Or is it really just a technique they use to give them more money now?

But whats the alternative? It’s not like we can just exit the financial system completely and start paying for every day business expenses with gold nuggets… or bitcoin… or seashells… or 5.56 shells…

We still have to operate every day in our crumbling financial system and the life blood of our businesses, Cashflow, is being squeezed like a dry lemon.

The good options are rapidly disappearing leaving businesses with very few alternatives besides “hope and pray” (which we should all be doing.)

The one good option that is still available is for businesses to “Engineer” their cash-flow and create a personal financial system that is self sufficient, tax efficient, guarantees compound interest, and is 100% in your control.

The strategy is old, rock solid, and simple to implement. It’s been proven thousands and thousands of times during the worst periods of modern history, and provided stability to thousands of entrepreneurs trying to get their businesses through tough times. Many people have forgotten it, ignored it, or chased after new “shiny financial objects”. Essentially you can take complete control of your money and be the bank for your own business.

We call it Engineered Cash and it really is like moving money from one pocket to another. Currently the cash is in an old dusty pocket that is vulnerable to taxes, inflation, and outside control. We move it into another pocket that has a machine inside that protects it from taxes, combats inflation, and you have complete contractual control of.

It really is simple to implement to, it just takes a little time… and time is running out.

We can sit around waiting for the mafia to show up with baseball bats or we can all take the action required now to protect and keep the lifeblood of our business flowing.

If you want the protection, safety, and control of your cashflow and need help setting up your own Engineered Cash system email us at micah@engineeredcash.com and lets get started.

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